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Club Náutico de San Juan General Menu 2019-20

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Hors D’oeuvre

Hors d'oeuvres
Price for 50 / 100 pieces (Suggested minimums)
3 to 4 hors d'oeuvres per person, per hour before dinner or lunch served at the table, buffet or stations 6 to 10 hors d'oeuvres per person, per hour, for cocktail alone.

Sliders and bites
Homemade Hamburgers $140.00 / $280.00
Mini brioche teté with egg and asparagus salad (V) $120.00/ $240.00
Jerk chicken with tamarind ketchup in sweet bun $120.00/ $240.00
Salmon pastrami in whole wheat bread $140.00/ $280.00
Pork confit in pretzel bread $130.00 / $260.00

Waffle with chicken $120.00 / $240.00
Octopus Feria style with Cantimpalo crisp $130.00 / $260.00
Brie and candied apricots (V) $110.00 / $220.00
Cod gazpacho $110.00 / $220.00
Tortilla two provinces $110.00 / $220.00
Montrachet with roasted peppers (V) $110.00 / $220.00

Burgundy beef, onions, mushroom with red wine glaze $130.00/$260.00
Pork with Cantonese sauce $110.00 / $220.00
Fried fish with oriental glaze $120.00 / $240.00
Chicken and guava barbecue $110.00 / $220.00
Roasted vegetables with balsamic honey reduction (VV) $110.00/$220.00

Just baked
Beef roulade with cassava in citrus mojo $120.00 / $240.00
Chistorra in a blanket with herbal aioli $120.00 / $240.00
Chicken croute, local grown mushrooms and gruyere $120.00/$240.00
Crostini Bianco (V) $120.00 / $240.00
Edam cheese toast with beef picadillo $130.00 / $260.00
Glazed tai-style pork meatballs with tamarind $110.00 / $220.00

Soup in demi tasse (Your Choice) $130.00 / $260.00
Onion bisque with Gouda cheese croquette
Vegetable puree with cheddar and beer
Yautía cream with stewed cod
Bean soup with crunchy parmesan and chorizo
Asopao of gandules with plantain balls and smoked meat
Colombian ajiaco with chicken, corn and sweet potato

Artisanal Alcapurritas $120.00 / $240.00
Bacalaito (Cod fish fritters) $110.00 / $220.00
Tasajocaítos (Cured beef fritter) $110.00 / $220.00
Corn and cheese sorullitos with guava sauce $110.00 / $220.00
Aranccini with Ropa vieja (Shredded beef stew) $120.00 / $240.00
Homemade empanadillitas (mincemeat picadillo, chicken fricassee or
vegetables/ VV) $110.00 / $220.00
Chicken/ripe plantain Gyozas guava ginger sauce $110.00 / $220.00
Sweet plantain mofonguitos, Cantimpalo and basil $110.00 / $220.00
Bean Samosas (VV) $110.00 / $220.00
Criollo falafel, Aji Tzatziki and seasonal honey (VV) $120.00/$240.00

Fried plantain tostón cups stuffed with:
Fried beef with avocado salad $120.00 / $240.00
Ceviche $120.00 / $240.00
Chicken, cream, corn and avocado $120.00 / $240.00
Shrimp aglio oil and spinach $140.00 / $280.00
Pork Carnitas, refried beans and guacamole $120.00 / $240.00
Conch and mango salad $140.00 /$280.00
Soy and chickpea fricassee (VV) $120.00 / $240.00
(V) - vegetarian (VV) - vegan

Small plates & Others (50 pc.) (Your choice)
Plates $160.00 / $320.00
Lemon risotto with shrimp with garlic and green aioli
Risotto with mushrooms, parmesan and truffle oil (V)
Pumpkin gnocchi with mozzarella and chorizo
Vianda/cod fritter in Ajilimójili and avocado
Squid paella and fried calamari duet with aioli

Spoons $120.00 / $240.00
Pigeon pea hummus with pork meatball
Fresh mozzarella pearl with watermelon and basil
Chicken mole Jibaro style with fried cassava churro
Parmesan breaded shrimp with guava cocktail sauce $160.00
Ahi tuna tartare $160.00

Cones: $130.00 / $260.00
Apio root, smoked pork and pickled onions
Taro pure and Caribbean chicken salad
Potato leek mash with guinea hen confit
Local churn goat cheese with roasted peppers

Some more $130.00 / $260.00
Layered salad on verrine
Chicken Chow mein in Chinese box
Crudité on a jar
Cielito mío - layered beef, beans and Guac topped with Pico de gallo

Mini sweets $130.00 / $260.00
Lemon meringue tarts
Oatmeal and apricot cookies
Brownies with peanut and toffee
Blondies with dulce de leche

Sweet cups $140.00 / $280.00
Chocolate mousse with Banana Foster
Bien me sabe Cake topped with coconut custard
Strawberries Trifle
Coconut passion fruit Panacota
Tiramisú on demi tasse

Buffet to your liking

Basic menu from $40.00 pp.
Includes freshly baked bun and butter
Make your selection:
Choose two salads
Third salad + $3.00 pp Two main courses
Third main course + $5.00 pp
Rice or companion
Add soup for + $4.50 pp

Green salads

Club Náutico
Tender lettuce with pickles, grape tomatoes, purple onion, carrots,
fried cheese. Acerola vinaigrette

Fresh lettuce, pineapple, citrus,
Roasted peppers and fresh cheese
Orange and mint dressing

Lettuce, tomatoes, Calamata olives, roasted and fresh peppers,
Sweet onion, celery stalk and feta cheese
Rustic crumbs and sherry wine vinaigrette with mistral herbs

Mezclum with roasted corn, black beans, tomatoes, red onion and crispy
corn tortilla and Creamy avocado and cilantro dressing

Fresh lettuce with tomato, white tuna, shredded egg,
Asparagus, peas, Manchego cheese and roasted peppers
Red wine vinaigrette and garlic / rustic bread crumbs

Pura vida
Spinach with citrus, carrots, sprouts, radishes,
Broccoli, beetroot and avocado
Yogurt and honey dressing

Pasta salads

Sweet ham, Swiss cheese, peas, spring onions and mushrooms with
creamy herbal dressing

Fussilli Verdi e Rosso
Pesto with tomatoes, green and red vegetables
Red wine and parmesan dressing

Cheddar, ham, peas, roasted peppers and spring onions in
traditional dressing

Potato salads

With aioli, chives, carrots, peas, peppers, eggs,
Olives and tuna (optional)

New potatoes with chopped eggs, sweet onion, roasted peppers
and celery. Dijon mayonnaise and mustard dressing

Tender corn, celery stalk, roasted peppers, spring onions, cilantro
and sour cream dressing

Native salads
Viandas (Local roots) Gazpacho (add cod $2.00)
Malanga, yautía, yams and celery with tomato, avocado and recaito oil
Cassava in Sour orange mojo
Green banana salad Ajilimójili

Vegetable salads

Grains and beans
Variety of beans and legumes in vinaigrette
Heirloom tomatoes and haricut salad (K)
Haricut, sweet onion, basil, black olives, Parmesan cheese, bacon
and mustard dressing (K)
Vegetable Grill $3.00 (K)
Grilled vegetable plate with balsamic and honey reduction

Main dishes

Chicken Breasts
Sautéed Scaloppini with local grown cremini mushroom sauce
Egg dipped with sweet ham and Edam cheese
Filled with:
Ripe plantain and longaniza Mofongo
Cassava, apio root and chorizo stuffing

Roasted in banana leaf with mixed Mofongo filling (Carved to order)
Finely breaded cutletswith Béchamel sauce and melted cheese mix
Dijon mustard and Vega Baja melao glazed (Carved to order)
Au jus with lemon butter and herbs (Carved to order)

Loin “Mechado” with longaniza and ham in Criollo sauce
Tenderloin with Port wine, apricots, and Serrano ham cracklings
Japanese style cutlet with Tonkatsu sauce
Roasted loin with Jibaro chimichurri
Glazed Philippine style cured ham

Roasted beef marinated in red wine and aromatics. (Carved to order)
Sautéed Peruvian style
Spin wheel loaf stuffed with sweet ham, spinach and mozzarella
Daube: French style braised ribs
Tuscan style tenderloin (Carved to order) + $6.50 pp.

Pescetarian/vegetarian (V)/vegan (VV)
Filet in passion caper butter
Oriental glazed salmon filet
Four cheeses cannelloni (V)
Rustic pasta with vegetables and aglio e oleo (VV)

Substitude side (NC) or add for $2.50
Pasta caliente
Majado de viandas gratinado
Papitas al romero (VV)
Stir-fry vegetables (VV)


Sautéed rice with stew beans with ham and pumpkin
And choice of grain or bean

Caribbean fried rice
Pork, ham, Puerto Rican “sofito”, new and tender beans,
Carrot and sprouts

Beef consommé, bacon, varietal peppers and caramelized onions

Risi e bisi
Peas, roasted peppers, Parmesan cheese and herbs

Saffron stock, onions, dried fruits and nuts

Longaniza sausage, pork and ham bites garnish with
Plantain Crisps

Zaida Lina
Sage beef stock, peas and roasted peppers

Cuban fried rice
Congri with pork bites, ham hock, and Vaca frita (shredded fried beef),
Plantain chips and fried yucca

Desserts (upgrade your buffet)

Happy ending… $7.25 pp
Flan, Brownies with ganache
And guava Masa Real (Short cake)

Sweet and sinful… $8.75pp
Cup cakes
Cheese Mingardise with fruits
Crepe with dulce de leche
Homemade flans

Flambé… $9.50 pp
Strawberries, mango and bananas
Flambéed in caramel butter and rum
Served with Vanilla Ice cream

STATIONS for lunch or dinner

Minimum three selections

Carving station
One selection $18.50 pp
Two selections $22.50 pp
Three selections $24.00 pp
Roast beef marinated in Mabí bark with malt and balsamic
Glazed ham
Leg of lamb with mustard and herbs from Provence + $3.50 pp
Angus beef fillet with roasted garlic rub + $6.50 pp
Bread rolls, mayonnaise or aioli, Dijon mustard
House green salad or sliced cheeses

Italian cuisine
Includes 2 antipastos or salads and their selection of pastas, garlic
bread, ciabbatas and focaccia
Rustic roasted vegetables
Caprese - tomatoes and pear perlites
Stewed eggplant Caponata
Modena Vegetables - Grilled/Balsamic and Honey + $2.00
Spinach, roasted garlic and mushrooms with warm bacon dressing
Romaine, grapes, pears, gorgonzola, almonds and lemon dressing
Fagioli Insalata - Marinated Grain Salad

Pasta in station $19.50 pp.
We suggest two pastas with different sauces
Vodka - Pink with vodka
Classical Alfredo - Cream with Parmesan
Pesto (Natural or creamy) – Basil, pine nuts, parmesan and garlic
ground with extra virgin oil
Carbonara - Bacon, pancetta, cream, eggs and peas
Amatriciana – Bacon, tomato and onions
Primavera – seasonal vegetables with aglio e oleo or cream sauce
Puttanesca – tomatoes, anchovies, garlic, capers and olives
Fungi – mushroom sauce
Barranquita’s – apio and smoked pork sauce
Add chicken breast mimosa $3.50 o Veal Picatta $4.50

Pasta to order (chef) $22.50 pp.
Penne and cheese tortellini
Marinara, Alfredo, carbonara, pesto and more
Ham, chicken, green peas, pimentos, onion, bacon, mushrooms,
garlic, tomato, spinach, Italian sausage, Mediterranean olives,
Fresh aromatics and Parmesan cheese

Risotto to order (chef) $21.50 pp.
Asparagus, mushrooms, pancetta, garbanzo, chicken, pork porcetta,
prosciutto, green peas, pimentos, spinach, Italian sausage and
Parmesan cheese

Puerto Rican Cuisine

Mercado - $20.00 pp
Jibaro pork porcetta (Carved to order)
Sautéed chicken breast with braised onions
Rice and beans mamposteao
Local grown lettuces sweet grape tomatoes, fresh farmer’s cheese,
Roasted corn, avocado green onion dressing

Mofongo to order (chef) $21.75 pp
Green plantain, cassava and/or ripe plantain:
Toppings (Choose 3)
Codfish stew / Vaca frita / seafood + $3.00 / vegetable stew/ braised
chicken / Pork cracklings with smothered onions / Churrasco with
mushrooms and onions
Includes: Garlic oil / pickled red onions /chicken broth / side salad

Burén (chef) $21.75 pp
Cassava Empanadas cook to order
Fried coconut dumpling:
Toppings (Select 3)
Cod fish and egg hash / shredded beef stew Ropa vieja / seafood stew$3.00 / vegan mincemeat/ chicken fricassee/ fried pork /
Smothered steak and onions
Includes: Garlicky tomatoes / mango slaw / roasted pepper alioli /
House hot sauce

Por Guavate $22.00
Roast pork on a pit (kiosk display)
Morcillas and longaniza sausages
Green bananas (boiled or Ajilimójili)
Jibaro Slaw, Agua and sobao bread

Urban Fonda $20.50
Fish fillet with pink grapefruit butter
Churrasco with local grown mushrooms with rosemary
Local tubers and viandas hash
Spinach with beets, farmer’s cheese and toasted almonds
Red wine vinaigrette

Estampa campesina $19.50
Country style roasted turkey
Veal or kid Fricassee
White rice with pork rind with pink beans stew or Mamposteao
Garlicky green beans

Coast and sierra $24.00
Churrasco steak with chimichurri
Naguabo style seafood stew
Spinach salad with local grown mushrooms and smoked pork
Lime, honey and rum dressing
Vianda mash or tostones

Paellas and more

Island coast 7 seas Paella $22.00
Clams, mussels, shrimp, fish, calamari, lobster and octopus
Seven meat Mountain Paella $19.50
Pork, chicken, chorizo, ham, longaniza, biftec and parrillero sausage
Valencian style
Chicken, chorizo and seafood
Cuban Montuno
Pork, Vaca frita, chicken, black beans, bacon and fried cassava
Pork, pig trotters, chorizo, chicken, ham, corn and vianda chips
All paellas includes green salad, fried sweet plantain or Tostones

Mini sandwich: $140.00 (50 pc)
Choose one: Media noche, Tripletas,
Slider with cheese and caramelized onions
BBQ Pull pork, meat or vegan Burrito
French fries cones $75.00 (50 pc)
Sopones (Chicken or pigeon peas or Cream of viandas)
Bouillon cup $6.50 Coffee cup $5.00 Demi tasse $3.00
Sancocho (traditional meat o costeño with seafood and fish)
Bouillon cup $6.50 Coffee cup $5.00 Demi tasse $3.00


Sundaes bar $12.50 pp
Brownies, Banana Fosters, Ice cream, Fudge, strawberry sauce, whip
cream and toppings

Coffe and tea table$16.50 pp
Assorted homemade cookies
Tea sandwiches
Watercress, cucumber, herb cream cheese, smoked salmon
Assorted teas
Puerto Rican coffee

Creme brulé $14.50 pp
Burn to order
Citrus with sea salt
Chocolate cherry
Lemon lavender
Guava with white chocolate
Pineapple macadamia

$4.50 pp (2 a 3 hours)
$7.50 pp (Up to 8 hours)

Puerto Rican gourmet coffee with a barista from $9.50 pp.
Whole and skim milk
Assorted sweeteners