English Menu – Sit Down Service

Design your 3-course dinner
Select one soup, one salad and a Main Course


Plantain with artisanal chorizo and fresh farmers cheese$8.25
Creamy Sancocho with smoked pork cracklings$8.25
Yautía cram with Codfish Beignettes$8.25
Chicken and vegetable pot pie soup$8.25
Vegetable puré, cheddar, and beer with pretzel toast$8.25
Spiced pumpkin soup with Barriguita de vieja and pancetta$8.50
Truffled Cannoli bean pure with longaniza sausage crumbs$8.50
Seafood Bisque$9.00


Club Náutico
Young tender greens with cucumber, grape tomatoes, red onion, carrot,
fried farmer’s cheese and micro cilantro
Acerola cherry vinaigrette

grown mix lettuces with sweet tomatoes carrots, mango, fresh cheese,
microgreens and candied spicy walnuts
Puerto Rican lemon and honey dressing

Mezclum with tomatoes, cucumber, garbanzos, pimento-stuffed olives,
Manchego and crispy chorizo
Roasted peppers dressing and toasted almonds

Baby spinach strawberries, grapes, celery, Feta cheese and crystalized
Greek yogurt citrus dressing

Crunchy green, tomatoes, local grown cremini mushrooms,
Roasted peppers, sweet onion and smoked pork cracklings
Confit garlic warm dressing

Mix greens, tomato, cucumber, carrots, ripe bananas, Emmenthales cheese,
Genoa salami, red onion, and roasted peppers

Duos – your choice of soup and salad $15.00


Turkey cutlets in pink cava butter and grape salad
Sautéed chicken breast with tamarind cream sauce and crispy onions
Grilled chicken breast with local grown mushrooms and roasted pepper mojo
Cornish hen stuffed with rice and beans mamposteao
Chicken “En croute” with gruyere, leek and tomatoes
$28.50 pp.

Chateaubriand con Guava rum Demi-glace
Braised shank with pigeon peas and plantain and cilantro gremolata
Roasted pork loin with tamarind and ají dulce sauce
$28.50 pp.

Filet mignon red wine sauce with mustard and tarragon
$40.00 pp.
Grilled marinated flank steak with pickled wild mushrooms
$35.00 pp.
Entrecote Cowboy style with thyme, garlic and rosemary butter
$38.00 pp.
Braised ribs with fried onions crisps
$36.00 pp.

From the sea
Mahi with roasted vegetable salsa
Seared salmon filet with peas and watercress coulis
Cod fish filet with roasted peppers sauce


Beef filet with caramelized onions glace
Chicken Involtini stuffed with spinach, ham and Swiss cheeses

Skirt steak with Jibaro chimichurri marinade
Grilled chicken with mango nappe

Sautéed chicken breast with Shitaki mushrooms
Oriental pork tenderloin

Mahi filet with criollo lemon butter
Chicken breast stuffed with plantain and longaniza sausage

Beef tenderloin medallion with merlot wine sauce
Fish fillet with lemon caper butter

Beer braised beef ribs
Seared cod fish with white bean ragout

All main course are accompanied with one veggie and one starch


Stir-fried in wok
Tomato au gratin and buttered string beans
Criollo Ratatouille
Grill veggies
Carrot mousse and asparagus
Zucchini, asparagus and peppers vegetable bouquet + $1.50
Pumpkin Ravioli with blossom +$3.50 pp.


Sautéed new potatoes with red onion and parsley butter
Cassava and ripe plantain Timbale au gratin
Mash vianda or potatoes
Vianda hash
Choice of rice
Mamposteao cake
Orzo with herb butter
And more


Chocolate banana cake
Vanilla Ice cream
Dark rum ganache and toasted walnuts
$8.50 pp

Mango Ruth
Homemade cake, Vanilla Ice Cream
Mango confit and guava coulis
$8.50 pp

Bien me sabe
Coconut cover cake with aged rum Zabaglione and coconut almond Praline
$8.50 pp

Sweet cheese and seasonal fruit strudel
With strawberry coulis and toasted coconut
$8.50 pp

Domo de chocolate con ganache y merengue quemado
Bayas en estación
$8.50 pp

Tarta de queso con frutas en temporada
$8.50 pp

Sueño yaucano (Tiramisú criollo servido en taza)
Biscoti hecho en casa
$9.00 pp

Postres compuestos

Bizcochuelo de chocolate con mousse de guayaba y culis de mangó
y tartita de limón con bayas $12.50 pp

Buñuelos de viento en sabayón de dulce de leche $9.00 pp

Crema catalana y migardise de café con toffee $9.50 pp

Tarta de guayaba con chiffon de lima y flan de queso con caramelo $9.00